Instruction for presentations

Oral presentation

・Due to the limited number of applicants, we will not have the oral presentation-2 (Japanese session for students). Instead, we have the following two categories for oral presentation:

  1. Oral presentation: 12 min. presentation and 3 min. discussion.
         2. Short talk: 8 min presentation and 2 min discussion. Two short talks will be presented in Japanese.

・Bring your own PC or Mac for your presentation.

・Please come to the Oral presentation room and check your presentation file at the presenter's desk. Your time for checking is indicated in the acceptance email for the oral presentation.

・Organizing committee provide a MiniD-sub15 pin connecting cable. If you require an adaptor for this please bring your own.

・Copy your data onto USB flash drive or CD as a backup.

・In case your file does not run properly, organizing committee will prepare PC (OS: windows 7, Powerpoint 2010)and Mac(Powerpoint 2008, Powerpoint 2011, KeyNote 2009). (Organizing committee cannot guarantee device compatibility.)

Poster presentation

・Check your poster number in the abstract book and mount your poster on the board with your poster number.

・You can mount your poster at anytime before the poster session and keep your poster on the board throughout the meeting.

・The board size is 90 cm (width) x 200 cm (height).

・Discussion time:17:10-18:10 Odd number posters.
 18:10-19:10 Even number posters.