NIG International Symposium 2018
国立遺伝学研究所国際シンポジウム 2018
Genome Editing and Functional Genomics

The aim of this symposium is to present and discuss cutting edge sciences in the field of genome editing and functional genomics.


4th (Wed)-5th (Thu) July, 2018


Mishima Citizens Cultural Hall
Access for the Mishima Citizens Cultural Hall


Meeting Program

Confirmed speakers

 Jin-Soo KimSeoul National University
 Norbert PerrimonHarvard Medical School
 Yi ShiShanghai Jiao Tong University
 Didier StainierMax Planck Institute
 (NIG Visiting Professor)
 Kosuke YusaWellcome Sanger Institute
 Feng ZhangBroad Institute of MIT and Harvard
 (NIG Visiting Professor)
 Ramesh PillaiUniversity of Geneva
 Tatsushi IgakiKyoto University
 Yusuke MiyanariNational Institute for Basic Biology
 Haruna TakedaKanazawa University
 Itsuro InoueNational Institute of Genetics
 Masato KanemakiNational Institute of Genetics
 Koichi KawakamiNational Institute of Genetics
 Shu KondoNational Institute of Genetics
 Kuniaki SaitoNational Institute of Genetics
 Toshihiko ShiroishiNational Institute of Genetics

Schedule (program will be announced soon)

4th July
10:00-16:15 Talks
16:15-18:00 Poster session
18:30~ Scientific Information Exchange Meeting"en France"
5th July
10:00-16:00 Talks

Poster presentation

We encourage for students and postdocs (and PIs) to present posters to interact with invited speakers. Please register for poster presentation at the registration site.

Registration (free except Welcome Mixer)

Participants should register at the registration site.

If you want to change the information on the registration form after you registered, please just register again.

Travel support

If students and postdocs need travel support, please contact "Koichi".

Organizing Committee

Koichi Kawakami
Masato Kanemaki
Shu Kondo


Koichi Kawakami:


The Genetic Society of Japan

The Molecular Biology Society of Japan